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  • Duration: 50 hours

Tableau (Desktop and Server) Course Content


    • Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Product Line
    • Application Terminology

 Creating a Live Data Connection

    • Saving a Data Source
    • Sharing a Data Source
    • Understanding Changes to Data
    • Other Data Connection Options in Tableau


Creating Basic Visualizations

    • Getting Started in Tableau Desktop
    • Elements of a Visualization
    • Formatting Your View

Simplifying and Sorting Your Data

    • Data Filtering
    • Sorting


Organizing your Data

    • Using Groups
    • Creating and Using Hierarchies
    • Creating a Combined Field
    • Using Sets


Slicing your Data by Date

    • Working with Dates
    • Using Discrete Date Parts
    • Creating Date Filters
    • Defining a Fiscal Year
    • Creating Custom Dates

Using Multiple Measures on the Same Axis

    • Comparing Views with Multiple Measures
    • Using Measure Values and Measure Names
    • Combo Charts
    • Combined or Shared Axis Charts
    • Creating Dual Axis Charts 

Showing the Relationship between Numerical Values

    • Options for Showing Numerical Relationships
    • Creating Scatter Plots
    • Creating Heat Maps


Mapping Data Geographically

    • Mapping in Tableau
    • Geographic Mapping

Viewing Distributions

    • Bins and Histograms


Viewing Specific Values

    • Creating Crosstabs
    • Creating Highlight Tables
    • Grand Totals, Sub-totals, and Changing Aggregation


Customizing your Data

    • Calculation Types
    • Creating Calculated Fields
    • Using Logic Statements
    • Type Conversions and Date Calculations
    • Using Quick Table Calculations
    • Calculations and Aggregations


Using Parameters for Dynamic Values Showing Breakdowns of the Whole

    • Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
    • Creating Tree Maps


Highlighting Data with Reference Lines

    • Using Reference Lines and Reference Bands


Showing Data History

    • Creating Motion Charts


Making Your Views Available

    • Building Dashboards
    • Dashboard Actions
    • Using Drill Downs


Sharing Your Work

    • Export to an Image File
    • Exporting the Data Only
    • Other Sharing Options

Working with Single Data Sources

    • Desktop Data Architecture
    • Using Data Extracts
    • Custom SQL Data Connection


Using Multiple Data Sources

    • All About Joins
    • Using Data Blending


Using Calculations in Tableau

    • Creating and Editing Calculated Fields
    • Calculations Performed on the Database
    • Calculations and Aggregations
    • Aggregating Dimensions in Calculations
    • Record Level Calculations for Date Conversion


Advanced Table Calculations

    • Table Calculation Scope and Direction
    • Null Values in Table Calculations
    • Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis


Creating and Using Parameters

    • Using Parameters and Reference Lines
    • Using Parameters with Filters


Comparing Measures Against a Goal

    • Showing Total Progress Toward a Goal (Bar in Bar Graph)
    • Showing Staged Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)
    • Showing the Biggest and the Smallest Values


Tableau Geocoding

    • How Tableau Performs Automatic Geocoding of Data
    • Modifying Geocode Locations within Tableau
    • Custom Geocoding


Advanced Mapping

    • Dual Axis Maps
    • Mapping Paths
    • Using Background Images for Spatial Analysis


Showing Distributions of Data

    • Creating a Pareto Chart
    • Box and Whisker Plots
    • Reference Distributions


Statistics and Forecasting

    • Trend Lines
    • Forecasting


Dashboards: Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters

    • Comparing Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters
    • Highlight Actions
    • Filter Actions
    • URL Actions


Dashboard Best Practices

    • Sizing
    • Using Instructions
    • Dashboard Formatting


Sharing Your Work

    • Sharing Packaged Workbooks
    • Export to an Image File
    • Exporting the Data Only
      • Other Sharing Options


Server Concepts

    • Installation
    • Create Users
    • Create Sites
    • Publish and share dashboards with customers
    • Application Terminology

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