• What is Software Testing, Definitions?
  • Why do we test software? Difference between errors, faults, and failures
  • Principles of Software Testing, Fundamental Test Process
  • Why do software have bugs? How much testing is required?
  • Difference between Priority, Severity? Difference validation, verification?
  • SDLC Models(Waterfall, V Model, Iterative Model, Spiral, Agile)
  • Software Test Phases/ Levels(Component Testing, System Testing, UAT)
  • Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, BBT, WBT, Regression Testing.
  • Static & Dynamic Testing
  • Overview of the database.
  • Database Verification and Validation
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, Practice Tests on manual testing
  • Understanding the Oops concept.
  • Object, class, constructor
  • Datatypes in Java
  • Types of Variables in Java
  • Basic Operators in Java
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Collections overview, and ArrayList
  • Java Methods, Predefined Methods
  • Java Constructor
  • Exception Handling
  • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation
  • Overloading and Overriding Functions
  • Access Modifiers
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on Java & Oops
  • What is an Automation testing
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Various Automation Test Tools
  • Selenium History, Version of Selenium
  • Download and install the Eclipse IDE.
  • Selenium architecture, Driver executables, JSON Wire Protocol
  • Basic automation script using Selenium in Chrome, Firefox
  • Selenium Webdriver, Environment setup for Selenium WebDriver in Java IDE
  • First Selenium Script, Prerequisite for scripting.
  • WebDriver all methods, Check the element exists, displayed, checked
  • WebElements, Types of WebElements
  • Locators in Selenium, Types of Locators, How to locate a web element in selenium
  • Inspect elements, Perform user actions, All web driver methods
  • XPath Functions and Customisations
  • End to End automation for text field, link, image, button, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, HTML table
  • Flash Application Testing using Selenium Web
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on Selenium
  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and TestNG
  • New- Installation of TestNG
  • Create First TestNG Program and Execute
  • TestNG Annotations and Attributes
  • Validating Tests with Assertions
  • Creating, Grouping, Prioritizing Test Batches
  • Creating multiple Tests
  • Executing Test batches and generating Test Reports
  • Data-Driven, Parallel Testing
  • Executing a group of regression/sanity/smoke test cases using TestNG
  • Running Parallel & Distributed tests
  • Reports using TestNG and ReportNG
  • Modular Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Data-Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on Selenium WebElements, TestNG Testing
  1. Element locating using 8 types of locators, Browser navigation methods
  2. Handling iFrames, Handling Dropdown, Handling buttons, Handling checkbox, Handling radio buttons, Handling images, Handling links
  3. Cross Browser Testing, Implementation of same using testng.xml
  4. Synchronization, Types of Synchronization
  5. Verify the link is external or internal
  6. Selenium script on login to an application, Selenium script to register to a software
  7. Check communication between to browsers
  8. Check functionality with valid and invalid cases
  9. User defined methods in Selenium, Implementation of user defined methods in selenium
  10. Importance of using user defined method for Login and Registration scenarios
  • Importance of Maven in Framework development
  • Installing and configuring Maven
  • Understanding Terminologies of Maven
  • Running tests in Maven
  • Importing Maven Project into Eclipse
  • What is POM.xml?
  • Understanding the POM.xml file and its dependencies
  • Installing/Configuring Jenkins
  • Scheduling Test Execution in Jenkins
  • Auto mail configuration in Jenkins
  • What is continuous integration?
  • Continuous integration with JENKINS
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on Maven and Jenkins
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